one line best of competition quotes

Competition Makes Us Faster; Collaboration Makes Us Better

Competition is always a good thing It forces us to do our best

I love to compete That’s the essence of who I am

Relax… We’re all crazy… It’s not a competition

When you don’t make moves and when you don’t climb up the ladder, everybody loves you because you’re not competition

I have been up against tough competition all my life I wouldn’t know how to get along without it

One Line Best Of Competition Quotes
One Line Best Of Competition Quotes

Competition is very good… as long as its healthy It’s what makes one strive to be better

Life is not a competition Find the stuff that make your soul sing and be your own uniquely beautiful self

Our competition for American business is no longer in the next county or the next state, it’s around the world

There is no other like me I am my own competition

It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better

Competition Is Good But Winning Is Better

Companies That Solely Focus On Competition Will Ultimately Die Those That Focus On Value Creation Will Thrive

Everyone Loves you Until you Become Competition

If you compete with others u become bitter If you compete with yourself u become better

I am in competition with no one i have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone i am simply trying to be better than the person i was yesterday

Look in the mirror That’s your competition

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He was obviously proud of his Berber skin This is the colour of wheat and gold – Author: Andre Aciman

Obviously, ‘Lincoln’ is not about the telegraph operator There’s a whole other movie before and after the two isolated scenes that I’m in – Author: Adam Driver

A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form – Author: Ferdinand Porsche

handful Competition Quotes Funny
handful Competition Quotes Funny

All women are basically in competition with each other for a handful of eligible men – Author: Mignon McLaughlin

Dance is the most intimate art, the most unbrainy art, because it is done wholly with the body, which is so limited in its ability to speak anything but the truth – Author: Joan Acocella

Left to ourselves we tend immediately to reduce God to manageable terms We want to get Him where we can use Him, or at least know where He is when we need Him We want a God we can in some measure control – Author: A W Tozer

It’s never happened in the World Series competition, and it still hasn’t – Author: Yogi Berra

Nothing amuses people more than a cocky guy who starts losing – Author: Criss Jami

A dozen swimming events have already been completed in the Olympic competition I wonder where they got the name ‘Speedo ‘ It doesn’t sound like a bathing suit, it sounds like a breakfast cereal for meth addicts – Author: Craig

In Milwaukee last month a man died laughing over one of his own jokes That’s what makes it so tough for us outsiders We have to fight home competition – Author: Robert Benchley

He did not hang on the cross and shout, “Now live as I have lived!” He shouted, “It is finished! – Author: Tullian Tchividjian

When I was going on one day in the car about not having any close friends – using my favourite metaphor: the cage of glass between me and the rest of the world – she just laughed ‘You like it,’ she said ‘You say you’re isolated, boyo, but you really think you’re different – Author: John Fowles

Humor is the oxygen of children’s literature There’s a lot of competition for children’s time, but even kids who hate to read want to read a funny book – Author: Sid Fleischman

I think that the habit of gloomy poetry is very funny It’s like a special competition in losing – Author: Miroslav Holub

If there were an international butt competition, Eric would win, hands down – or cheeks up – Author: Charlaine Harris

unique Competition quotes

Competition makes things come out right Well, what does that mean in health care? More hospitals so they compete with each other More doctors compete with each other More pharmaceutical companies We set up war Wait a minute, let’s talk about the patient The patient doesn’t need a war

The problem with competition is that it takes away the requirement to set your own path, to invent your own method, to find a new way

work unique Competition Quotes
work unique Competition Quotes

Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition

There`s never a need to worry that someone will outshine us It`s not a competition We all need to shine as bright as we can, in our own unique way It`s not possible for there to be too much light in this world Shine and let shine

You are not in competition with anybody except yourself;plan to outdo your past not other people

Its a friendly competition We don’t get all upset over it Its all fun

Being Underestimated Is One Of The Biggest Competitive Advantage You Can Have Embrace It

Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others

You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently

Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself

I am in competition with no-one I run my own race I have no desire to play the game of being better than
anyone, in any way, shape or form I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before That’s me and I am free

The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give

If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better

Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her

A champion is someone who does not settle for that day’s practice, that day’s competition, that day’s performance They are always striving to be better They don’t live in the past

Life Is not a competition Each one is on their own journey Live according to your choices, capacity, values and principles

Competition Or No Competition Still Bustin My Butt Every Damn Day

I’m not in competition with anybody but myself My goal is to beat my last performance

Stop competing with others and start competing with yourself

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it It just blooms

If you can’t be better than your competition, dress better

Competition is the spice of sports; but if you make spice the whole meal you’ll be sick

I’m not interested in competing with anyone I hope we all make it

The U S China Relationship, Of Course, Has Elements Of Both Cooperation And Competition

encouraged Competition Quotes
encouraged Competition Quotes

When women are encouraged to be competitive, too many of them become disagreeable

I’m very competitive When I was, like, four, I would see a Shake ‘N Bake commercial and see a little girl on that and think, ‘I can do that I might be better

A good athlete always mentally replays a competition over and over, even in victory, to see what might be done to improve the performance the

There’s nothing masculine about being competitive There’s nothing masculine about trying to be the best at everything you do, nor is

When a woman understands her worth & understands her potential in life, no other woman is visible In her mind, there is no competition

The judges don’t see what we do in practice They don’t see you only got your new tumbling pass last week, or that your stunt group

Our role is to maintain and monitor a framework in which fair competition can flourish

Your girlfriend should never feel like she is in competition with another girl

Concentration, Confidence, Competitive urge, Capacity for enjoyment

Competition Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others

I’m just competitive It doesn’t matter what it is I want to win Allyson Felix

My background is that of a competitive athlete and a fighter, and I’m bringing something totally different to ‘The Biggest Loser’ that wasn’t there

The best way to kill competition is to partner it

You earn your trophies at practice You just pick them up at competitions

Life is not a competition Life is about helping and inspiring others so we can each reach our potential

I am in no competition with anyone else, I am in competition with my Yester Self and I Am Winning

We can’t worry about competition Besides, you aren’t competing with anyone but yourself They have nothing to do with whether you make a good movie or not

You can’t compare me to the next girl Because there is no competition I’m one of a kind, and that’s real

I kinda see everyone as competition I’m a very competitive person But I think that’s good Competition is great And as long as it’s friendly and not a malicious thing, then I think it’s cool

If you’re a competitive person, that stays with you You don’t stop You always look over your shoulder

best inspiring competition quotes

Control your expenses better than your competition This is where you can always find the competitive advantage – Sam Walton

My idea of a great business is one that has a shortage of competitors – Peter Lynch

In business, competition is never as healthy as total domination – Peter Lynch

Get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors – Chris Dixon

weak Competition Quotes
weak Competition Quotes

The weak compete The strong dominate – Grant Cardone

I enjoy competition I enjoy challenges If a challenge is in front of me and it appeals to me, I will go ahead and conquer it – Conor McGregor

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base – George Patton

The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort – Colin Powell

We achieve more when we chase the dream instead of the competition – Simon Sinek

When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you But when you compete against yourself, everyone wants to help you – Simon Sinek

If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is too Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself You are better than you think – T Harv Eker

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete – Jack Welch

Competition can try to steal my plans and copy my style But they can’t read my mind; so I’ll leave them a mile and a half behind – Ray Kroc

Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you – Mark Cuban

Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software, we’ve got some fantastic competitors and it keeps us on our toes — Bill Gates

Number one, cash is king; number two, communicate; number three, buy or bury the competition – Jack Welch

When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant – Dan Schawbel

I looked at my competitors and I thought that, if they could do it, I could do it And if, they are popular and doing well, I could compete with them – Tommy Hilfiger

Competition is always a good thing It forces us to do our best A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity – Nancy Pearcy

The road to success and greatness is always paved with consistent hard work Outwork your competitors, be authentic, and above all else, chase your greatness – Dwayne Johnson

You have competition every day because you set such high standards for yourself that you have to go out every day and live up to that – Michael Jordan

I have been up against tough competition all my life I wouldn’t know how to get along without it – Walt Disney

Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly Taste the relish to be found in competition – in having put forth the best within you – Henry J Kaiser

Without the spur of competition we’d loaf out our life – Arnold Glasow

A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace – Ovid

Look in the mirror – that’s your competition

The biggest competition is myself I am not looking to follow others or pull them down I’m planning to test my own boundaries – Rain

business related competition quotes

I have been asked sometimes what led me to the Persian Gulf, what instinct told me that I could build up a business there It’s really perfectly simple If you go to the hottest and most uncomfortable place on the map you’ll find there’s not a lot of competition; – Author: Nevil Shute

In the LBO field there is a buried “covariance” with marketable equities, toward disaster in generally bad business conditions, and competition is now extremely intense – Author: Charlie Munger

Personally I think that competition should be encouraged in war and sport and business, but that it makes no sense in the arts If an artist is good, nobody else can do what he or she does and therefore all comparisons are incoherent – Author: Edward St Aubyn

Idealistic as it may sound, altruism should be the driving force in business, not just competition and a desire for wealth – Author: Dalai Lama XIV

The devil is the father of lies, but he neglected to patent the idea, and the business now suffers from competition – Author: Josh Billings

The best way to kill competition is to partner it – Author: Siddharth Joshi

In business, competition is never as healthy as total domination – Author: Peter Lynch

Competition exists to choose who gets the prize when the prize can’t be shared – Author: Andrew Harvey

There was a proposal in California that would keep out Wal-Mart but allow Costco You opposed it Are you nuts? That’s true: I always oppose these kinds of things Competition makes us better Some of our best stores have a Sam’s Club next door – Author: James Sinegal

Those who can create, will create Those who cannot create, will compete – Author: Michael F Bruyn

Lesson learned – in doing business, do not COMPETE but be COMPETITIVE – Author: Diana Valerio

Beware of that profound enemy of the free enterprise system who pays lip-service to free competition, but also labels every antitrust prosecution as a persecution – Author: Franklin D Roosevelt

We can be competitive and aim to destroy our opponent or competition, but we can still respect our rivals and even be friends – Author: Ben Tolosa

I think healthy competition is good for business, and really at the end best for end-users Just think about what Android would have been if it was not for iPhone – a better blackberry? – Author: Jack Levin

Success in business means doing things better than rivals, not just doing things well – Author: Phil Rosenzweig

Our competition for American business is no longer in the next county or the next state, it’s around the world – Author: Karl Rove

Focus on your business strengths and keep its weaknesses away from the competition or public – Author: Richard Branson

The smart business person sees an opportunity to generate referrals by collaborating with their competitors – Author: Timothy M Houston

The reason why men who mind their own business succeed is that they have so little competition – Author: Evan Esar

The easy way to make money is to get special political privilege From the beginning of time, business has cozied up to government and gotten restrictions on competition and subsidies and stuff – Author: Charles Koch

In war, resources lead to success: in business, success leads to resources This is a fundamental difference between the processes of war and competition – Author: John Kay

The simplest way to learn business is to study your competition and improve what they are offering – Author: Ehab Atalla

Most of social media is simply a popularity contest Well, I’m not here for the competition; I have important business and words of depth to change the course So, while you follow the path of the ignorant, the rest of us will celebrate truth and the higher path – Author: Dara Reidyr

Ukrainian business must really embrace global competition We need to understand that competition for resources and clients is not with competitors from across the street or from another city, but with millions of businesses around the world – Author: Victor Pinchuk

A merchant who approaches business with the idea of serving the public well has nothing to fear from the competition – Author: James Cash Penney

Throughout his career, Jobs liked to see himself as an enlightened rebel pitted against evil empires, a Jedi warrior or Buddhist samurai fighting the forces of darkness IBM was his perfect foil He cleverly cast the upcoming battle not as a mere business competition, – Author: Walter Isaacson

There’s no difference in dealing with the music business with the majors than any other competition The music business is way more cutthroat than any other business – Author: Suge Knight

the prudent business mind must not only think of competing with the prevailing giants in the market but must also not be oblivious of the latent deft of the masses who are yet to dare – Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

I saw how the regulation I called for made things worse, didn’t help consumers and simple competition was better And I started praising business and occasionally criticizing regulation – Author: John Stossel

A disregard of competition Whoever does a thing best ought to be the one to do it It is criminal to try to get business away from another man – criminal because one is then trying to lower for personal gain the condition of one’s fellow man – to rule by force instead of by intelligence – Author: Henry Ford

Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have which translates to your desired outcomes (both online and offline) – Author: Anonymous

One of the reasons Wall Street had cooked up this new industry called structured finance was that its old-fashioned business was every day less profitable The profits in stockbroking, along with those in the more conventional sorts of bond broking, had been squashed by Internet competition – Author: Michael Lewis

Extreme taxation, excessive controls, oppressive government competition with business, frustrated minorities and forgotten Americans are not the products of free enterprise They are the residue of centralized bureaucracy, of government by a self-anointed elite – Author: Ronald Reagan

In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running, if you stand still, they will swallow you – Author: Victor Kiam

Today, the forces of competition, technology, and globalization have converged to spur innovation and to transform the way business is done in the securities industry – Author: Arthur Levitt

Some days the competition would beat me and I’d go home thinking awful thoughts, want to hide under the bed, depressed But of course, in the news business, when you’re working a daily news broadcast, you get your victories and defeats every day – Author: Sam Donaldson

Competition whose motive is merely to compete, to drive some other fellow out, never carries very far – Author: Henry Ford

Don’t steal; thou’lt never thus compete successfully in business Cheat – Author: Ambrose Bierce

I don’t think you’re going to have one bank Big companies aren’t going to give us all their business So they can pick and choose – by product, by country, whatever We have major competition across every product in every place we operate – Author: Jamie Dimon

Dominant companies have a special responsibility to ensure that the way they do business doesn’t prevent competition and does not harm consumers and innovation – Author: Mario Monti

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Many small businesses are doomed from day one, not from competition or the economy, but from the ignorance of their owners their destiny is already decided because they have no idea how a business should be operated – Author: William Manchee

I’m not at all snobby about book prizes and how they pollute the world of literature Just like with the Olympics, a little bit of competition gets people truly engrossed in the business of literature – Author: Emma Donoghue

Think of business as a good game Lots of competition and a minimum of rules You keep score with money – Author: Bill Gates

In the arts they call it plagiarism, in business they call it competition – Author: Andrew Mason

A business strategy roadmap is also composed of three elements: insights on technological possibilities, customer needs, and competitive intent In other words, what could we build, how would people react to it, and does it give us an edge over the competition? – Author: Michael Mace

If women really earned fifty-nine cents to the dollar for the same work as men, what business could compete effectively by hiring men at any level? – Author: Warren Farrell

Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs – Author: Henry Ford

And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department – Author: Andrew Carnegie

American business can out-think, out-work, out-perform any nation in the world But we can’t beat the competition if we don’t get in the ball game – Author: George H W Bush

There is a healthy competition as there would be in any business But we do not spend our days thinking about what Marvel is doing – Author: Diane Nelson

If you know what your customers want, the other aspect to know is what are your competitors doing? – Author: Shawn Casemore

Tony La Russa is considered among the best in his business Yet nearly half the time he led his organizations into competition, they were defeated – , wins, , losses – Author: Don Yaeger

To thrive, all businesses must focus on the art of self-disruption Rather than wait for the competition to steal your business, every founder and employee needs to be willing to cannibalize their existing revenue streams in order to create new ones All disruption starts with introspection – Author: Jay Samit

We have before us the fiendishness of business competition and the world war, passion and wrongdoing, antagonism between classes and moral depravity within them, economic tyranny above and the slave spirit below – Author: Karl Barth

Competition is not about fighting, it is all about helping each other to achieve a common goal – Author: Joey Lawsin

appeal to non-business interests) and let them be effective Although there is marked and frequently observed dissatisfaction with the Republicans and Democrats, electoral politics is one area where notions of competition and free choice have little meaning – Author: Noam Chomsky