famous quotes belong to god 2021

We each belong to and are needed in the family of God. – Author: Carole M. Stephens

We belong to God. All in us is His. – Author: Catherine McAuley

If there is but one God, then why must blood be shed to prove whose God he is? Does the Father not belong to all of us as we belong to him? Do you think he’ll call me a righteous man when I’ve killed one of his sons? – Author: P.A. Minyard

I’ve always believed that we were, each of us, put here for a reason, that there is a plan, somehow a divine plan for all of us. I know now that whatever days are left to me belong to him. – Author: Ronald Reagan

Oh Jesus God we did belong to each other. He was mine. – Author: Truman Capote

We all belong to the nasty stinking little human race, & of course it is not nice for God’s beloved vermin to scoff at each other … Oh, we are a nasty little lot-& to think there are people who would like to save us & continue us. It won’t happen if I have any influence. – Author: Mark Twain

mastering Famous Quotes Belong To God 2021
mastering Famous Quotes Belong To God 2021

We belong to the One mastering God: you belong to the republic of playful gods. – Author: Maurice Samuel

The Churches belong together in the Church. What that may mean for our ecclesiastical groupings we do not know. We have not discovered the kind or outward manifestation which God wills that we shall give to that inner unity. But we must seek it. – Author: Hugh Martin

I reasoned that God, while improbable, might exist, in which case he should be worshipped; whereas Humanity, being a mere biological idea and signifying nothing more than the animal species we belong to, was no more deserving of worship than any other animal species. – Author: Anonymous

Those of us who believe in the right of any human being to belong to whatever church he sees fit, and to worship God in his own way, cannot be accused of prejudice when we do not want to see public education connected with religious control of the schools, which are paid for by taxpayers’ money. – Author: Eleanor Roosevelt

The parts of our lives when we write them down seem to belong in different books, by different writers even. What all these bits and pieces make up I don’t know. There is no plot. Perhaps meaning is something we invent afterward, putting it all together, like imagined God. – Author: Niall Williams

Everybody wants to know why we’re here, so we search for that answer. We want to know who we belong to so we search for those people and all the while God is whispering, ‘Here I am. – Author: Donna VanLiere

When we know God personally through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, we can have confidence that the angels of God will watch over us and assist us because we belong to Him. – Author: Billy Graham

The wilderness is a place where we can lean on God and trust His promises, but it’s also a place to discover that the arms He provides and the ears that listen to our fears sometimes belong to flesh-and-blood people. – Author: Lynn Austin

One of the blessings that comes from paying a full tithing is developing faith to live an even higher law. To live in the celestial kingdom, we must live the law of consecration. There we must be able to feel that all we are and all we have belong to God. – Author: Henry B. Eyring

Everything that we have in actual fact does not belong to us, but to God. – Author: Sunday Adelaja

When a Christian tries to live by reason he is moving out of God’s country into the enemy’s land. We belong in the miraculous and the supernatural realm. – Author: John G. Lake

So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son.[*] He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins. He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. – Author: Anonymous

Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others. Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness. – Author: Mother Teresa

We are not our own. We do not belong to ourselves. But we have been purchased with a dear price. We have cost an immense sum, even the sufferings and death of the Son of God. – Author: Ellen G. White

We cannot expect God to bless and honor our efforts to help the needy if part of our help includes distributing chemicals and devices that may kill children who belong not to us, but to them, and above all to God. – Author: Randy Alcorn

If we believe, though, in the sovereignty of God, then we believe that we were not born at this time, and in this culture, by accident. If we belong to Christ, then this is our assigned mission field. – Author: Russell D. Moore

It’s in those private times that we are refreshed, strengthened, and rejuvenated. It’s then we can see our lives from God’s perspective and discover what is really important. That’s where we understand who it is we belong to and believe in.

The old saying is true: We are saved by faith alone, but saving faith is never alone. If you belong to God, you will persevere in doing good. You will not be perfect, but you will persevere with patience. – Author: James Johnston

children Famous Quotes Belong To God 2021
children Famous Quotes Belong To God 2021

God is the only one who knows how many children we should have, and we should be ready to accept them. One can’t decide for oneself who comes into this world and who doesn’t. That decision doesn’t belong to us. – Author: Mel Gibson

The accidents of life separate us from our dearest friends, but let us not despair. God is like a looking glass in which souls see each other. The more we are united to Him by love, the nearer we are to those who belong to Him. –

The devil strains every nerve to secure the souls which belong to Christ. We should not grudge our toil in wresting them from Satan and giving them back to God. – Author: Saint Sebastian

The children we birth do not belong to us. They belong to God. We are simply the vessel for which they arrive on this earth. We are appointed to care and guide them, however we must recognize when the time comes for them to govern their own lives. – Author: Nancy B. Brewer

When we run from God, we run away from everything that makes us alive and free. We run away from our own happiness. We leave our place where we belong – close to his heart. – Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones

We belong to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. – Author: Lailah Gifty Akita

God is a wider consciousness than we are, a pure intelligence, spiritual life and actuality. He is neither one nor many, neither man nor spirit. Such predicates belong only to finite beings. – Author: Joseph Alexander Leighton

Today, if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other-that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister. If everyone could see the image of God in his neighbor, do you think we would still need tanks and generals? – Author: Mother Teresa

Our children belong to God. We’re only given them on loan from heaven. Sometimes God calls them home sooner tan we expected. – Author: Scarlet Wilson

In God’s name, Monsieur, let us remain indifferent; let us strive to be equally attached to whatever obedience marks out for us, be it agreeable or disagreeable. By the grace of God, we belong to Him; what else should we desire except to please Him? – Author: Vincent De Paul

famous quotes we belong together

Anger and bitterness are two noticeable signs of being focused on self and not trusting God’s sovereignty in your life. When you believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who belong to Him and love Him, you can respond to trials with joy instead of anger or bitterness. – Author: John C. Broger

As a foreign minister, I have to respect the authority to look after the best interest of the child is, as always, in my country like in India, with the parents and the family. But in extreme cases, the situation is open for the child protection authority to intervene. – Author: Jonas Gahr Store

faith Famous Quotes We Belong Together
faith Famous Quotes We Belong Together

We belong together in love, in faith and in spirit. – Author: Lailah Gifty Akita

Our hearts belong together. And without yours, mine will stop beating. – Author: Morgan Parker

John Lennon was everything his friends wanted to be, and said everything they wanted to say but wouldn’t dare. John Lennon always dared. – Author: Mark Lewisohn

Not how one soul comes close to another, but how it moves away, shows me their kinship and how much they belong together. – Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

Chins are exclusively a human feature, not to be found among the beasts. Ithey had chins, most animals would look like each other. – Author: Malcolm De Chazal

Love lifts you up where we belong, but it can also break you into teeny, tiny pieces, and then you need your best friend and a bunch of wine to put you back together again. – Author: Georgia Clark

Bullshit. We belong together. Echo sniffed and the sound tore at me. I softened my voice.Look at me, baby. I know you love me. Three nights ago you were willing to offer everything to me. There is no way you can walk away from us.

I was an afterthought, five thousand years later. A mistake, because Ciana was gone. I was the dissonant note on the end of a masterpiece symphony. I was the brushstroke that ruined the painting. – Author: Jodi Meadows

To develop thinking as a skill, it should be deliberate, focused, confident, and enjoyable. – Author: Edward De Bono

Growth in grace is one way to be happy in our religion. God has wisely linked together our comfort and our increase in holiness. – Author: J.C. Ryle

But two people can love each other and still not belong together, even if neither of them wanted to admit it. – Author: Shaun David Hutchinson

moment Famous Quotes We Belong Together
moment Famous Quotes We Belong Together

How can you lose me? You’ve owned me from the first moment I saw you. – Author: Dianna Hardy

For a short burst of time, we completely belong to each other, absorbed by the needs of our physicality, glued together by the passion of our lips. – Author: Lindsay Detwiler

Sweet words. Gentle deceptive balm. Help, love, to belong together, to come back again – words, sweet words. Nothing but words. How many words existed for this simple, wild, cruel attraction of two bodies! What a rainbow of imagination, lies, sentiment, and self-deception enclosed it! – Author: Erich Maria Remarque

The jealousy that arises from another’s achievement is overcome by developing an awareness of and admiration for one’s own and other’s achievement. – Author: Dalai Lama

Paige, sweetheart, I love you with all my heart. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight, but then again, maybe it was. Maybe we made each other so mad because we knew, deep down, that we belong together. It just took our heads a little while to catch up with our hearts. – Author: Kathleen Brooks

Some Christians try to go to heaven alone, in solitude; but believers are not compared to bears, or lions, or other animals that wander alone; but those who belong to Christ are sheep in this respect, that they love to get together. Sheep go in flocks, and so do God’s people. – Author: Charles Spurgeon

But don’t you see, I say, I don’t care. I don’t care what you’ve done or how bad you are. Edward, we belong together. We both know it. Now I know your worst secrets and you know mine. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? For us to be completely honest with each other? – Author: J.P. Delaney

Famous Quotes We Belong Together
Famous Quotes We Belong Together

We must keep together, we belong to each other. – Author: Lailah Gifty Akita

Of course people are afraid. But honestly facing that fear, seeing it for what it is, is the only way of putting it to rest. – Author: Harvey Fierstein

I hope they know how lucky they are to have you. But that doesn’t mean I will ever stop trying to have you for myself. You know as well as I do, Meena, that we belong together. I hope that day will come sometime soon. In the
With all the love in my heart, Lucien – Author: Meg Cabot

Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice.

Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect.

Being engaged in some way for the good of the community, whatever that community, is a factor in a meaningful life.

There is a reason the word belonging has a synonym for want at its center; it is the human condition.

When you get to a place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible.

Love is saying yes to belonging.

Believing that you are unworthy of love and belonging or that who you are authentically is a sin or is wrong, is deadly.

There was neither horizon, cloud, nor sound; of that pink, spread silence even I had become part, belonging as much to sky as to earth

I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

Honor belongs to those who never forsake the truth even when things seem dark and grim, who try over and over again, who are never discouraged by insults, humiliation, and even defeat.

Longing, felt fully, carries us to belonging.

To witness that calm rhythm of life revives our worn souls and recaptures a feeling of belonging to the natural world. No one can return from the Serengeti unchanged, for tawny lions will forever prowl our memory and great herds throng our imagination.

The good life is best construed as a matrix that includes happiness, occasional sadness, a sense of purpose, playfulness, and psychological flexibility, as well autonomy, mastery, and belonging.

future Quotes We Belong Together
future Quotes We Belong Together

An expectation is a future object, recognized as belonging to me.

You can only exist, you can only belong to yourself, and you can only be responsible for your own happiness or belonging or whatever. That broken-part-piece-whole thing is just a trick of the mortal mind.

Famous Belonging Quotes 2021

Your actions are your only true belongings.

Not belonging is a terrible feeling. It feels awkward and it hurts as if you were wearing someone else’s shoes.

Language, identity, place, home: these are all of a piece – just different elements of belonging and not-belonging.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

Why do we even bother? Why do we make ourselves so open to such easy damage? Is it all loneliness? Is it all fear? Or is it just to experience belonging with someone else?

I have an idea that some men are born out of their due place. Accident has cast them amid certain surroundings, but they have always a nostalgia for a home they know not.

I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is what I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now.

We belonged to each other, but had lived so far apart that we belonged to others now. Squatters, and only squatters, were the true claimants to our lives.

associate Quotes We Belong Together
associate Quotes We Belong Together

Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.

You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it.

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.

No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.

Tomorrow belongs to those of us who conceive of it as belonging to everyone; who lend the best of ourselves to it, and with joy.

We are driven by five genetic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom, and fun.

I belong! I am important! I am somebody!

By building relations we create a source of love and personal pride and belonging that makes living in a chaotic world easier.

That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.

Being an American is a state of mind, and to be in a family is to feel the power of belonging, the power of your roots.

famous belong nowhere quotes

We are not of the night or of the darkness. So then let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, are drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, — Anonymous

The only reason i love the courage of these individuals is that they take their family members as astray chicks, and the reason i don’t want to belong to this category is because those chicks are far more important to me than trivial wealth and fame. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Since many of you do not belong to the Catholic Church and others are non-believers, from the bottom of my heart I give this silent blessing to each and every one of you, respecting the conscience of each one of you but knowing that each one of you is a child of God. — Pope Francis

Famous Belong Nowhere Quotes
Famous Belong Nowhere Quotes

Because even though you don’t want anyone to own you, it doesn’t mean that there is nowhere you belong. — Lene Kaaberbol

That’s right, baby. Scratch me up. Make your mark. I wanna look at my body later and know who I belong to. — Kate Meader

Our actions are our own; their consequences belong to Heaven. — Francis Of Assisi

I have a wonderful shelter, which is my family. I have a wonderful relationship with my brother and sister; this makes me feel that I know always where I belong. — Jose Carreras

Someday, we will go back to having the kind of legislature that we should, where members, whatever party they belong to, want to make the thing work and cooperate with each other to see that that will happen. — Irin Carmon

Contained within the breadth of my heart where you belong unto me and I unto you. — Truth Devour

It’s a false premise to say that most monogamous people have chosen monogamy. Most people belong to the religion they were raised in … because that’s what’s familiar. That’s the milieu they grew up in, and, for better or worse, they’re just continuing the pattern. Until this traditionalist mindset is shaken loose, you would likely try from reflex to impose notions onto nonmonogamy that are not only untenable in the new context but spel sudden and messy doom even in situations that otherwise could be worked out. — Anthony D. Ravenscroft

In my state of spiritual abstraction, I no longer belong to myself and to my eyesight. I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits. — Reinhold Messner

Lawyers belong to the people by birth and interest, and to the aristocracy by habit and taste; they may be looked upon as the connecting link of the two great classes of society. — Alexis De Tocqueville

Insights into erotic life belong to art, not education. But sometimes these have to be spelled out for the illiterates. And it ismainly a matter of convincing the illiterates, for they are the ones who write the penal code. — Karl Kraus

I believe that whenever you do something right it gives you a little bit of weight so that you come to feel rooted to this earth more solid, secure. Now what scares me is, well sometimes out of nowhere a bad wind blows up. It could be cancer, could be drink, could be some woman who don’t belong to you. And despite the weight holding you to the ground, when that wind comes, it picks you up light as a leaf and takes you where it wants. Were in control until were not. Then were helpless. — Truman Capote

In fact history does not belong to us; but we belong to it. — Hans-Georg Gadamer

I love you, Ink, and I want you-only you. Being strong doesn’t mean I don’t want you too. You are the only person who knows every part of my life, every part of me in it, the good and the bad and the horrible, and you still love me. You are always with me, even when you’re not there. And when you’re not there, I can feel it, like an empty space where you ought to be, and I can hardly wait until you’re back to fill it again. Neither world feels like it fits, but we belong. — Dawn Metcalf

Freedom and dignity are not scraps to be doled out by cruel masters. They belong to every man, woman, and child. They are our right. And we won’t stop, until they belong to us! — Steven Dos Santos

I’m not in show business because I don’t have to go to the meetings, I’m just not a part of it, I don’t belong to it. When you belong to something. You want to think about that word, belong. People should think about that: it means they own you. If you belong to something it owns you, and I just don’t care for that. I like spinning out here like one of those subatomic particles that they can’t quite pin down. — George Carlin

I kill on order. I am everyone’s assassin. I belong to no one but the grim reaper herself. — Katherine Ewell

One good thing about New York is that most people function daily while in a low-grade depression. It’s not like if you’re in Los Angeles, where everyone’s so actively working on cheerfulness and mental and physical health that if they sense you’re down, they shun you. Also, all that sunshine is a cruel joke when you’re depressed. In New York, even in your misery, you feel like you belong. — Mindy Kaling

When it becomes clear that no one else shares your level of passion, you are where you belong. — Placido Domingo

No one can compare us to the apartheid regime. It’s not like in South Africa between the blacks and the whites who belong to the same nation, or in Berlin where you find parents living on the eastern side and their children in the western side. — Silvan Shalom

The conservative does not defend the Old Regime; he speaks on behalf of old regimes – in the family, the factory, the field. There, ordinary men, and sometimes women, get to play the part of little lords and ladies, supervising their underlings as if they all belong to a feudal estate . . . The task of this type of conservatism—democratic feudalism – -becomes clear: surround these old regimes with fences and gates, protect them from meddlesome intruders like the state or a social movement, while descanting on mobility and innovation, freedom and the future. — Corey Robin

culture Famous Belong Nowhere Quotes
culture Famous Belong Nowhere Quotes

We belong to an age whose culture is in danger of perishing through the means to culture. — Friedrich Nietzsche

The narrative for girls is that you just hang around and wait to be chosen and then you belong to somebody and you live happily ever after. There isn’t room for more nuanced concerns about the creepy proprietary nature of that relationship model, or the breadth of what fulfillment really means for women. — Lindy West

Once you’ve read a book, you and it belong to each other for life. … — Kimberley Freeman

The theater troubled her. It had a magic of its own, one that didn’t belong to her, one that wasn’t in her control. It changed the world, and said things were otherwise than they were. And it was worse than that. It was magic that didn’t belong to magical people. It was commanded by ordinary people, who didn’t know the rules. They altered the world because it sounded better. — Terry Pratchett