one line ego in relationships quotes

Ego is the number one cause of failed and broken relationships.

The simplest definition of ego is that it destroys everything on its path.

Ego can’t only kill relationships; it can also kill talents and gifts.

All relationships keep GOING as long as ING is not removed and E is not added as the first letter. Once GOING becomes EGO everything will for ego.

Let us not hold tight into our egos if we want our relationships to keep going.

One can’t be able to completely love someone if he is not willing to lose his ego.

You just can’t call it love if there is a even the slightest hint of an ego.

A huge or high amount of ego is too dangerous to those who bear it.

Do not allow and let your self-ego to be the reason that you have ended a relationship which can be saved in the first place.

Ego does not intend to see something. Its main intention is to be something.

People are disconnected from each other because of their egos.

If you would like to connect to people then you must disconnect your ego.

A person’s whole personality can be downgraded by ego.

Inhale lots of confidence but also see to it that you will exhale tons of egos.

A little tiny bit of ego can be good but too much ego can be very treacherous.

Ego will make you think that you are clever but it also hinders you into becoming one.

Each time I climbed a step higher a dog keeps following me. It is called ego.

A person with a high level of ego will never become an effective and efficient leader.

People will have a hard time to willingly obey the orders of an egoist.

Combining insecurity and ego within yourself is like combining two kinds of bombs within you.

For some people, nothing is more important to them than their sky high egos.

Few people are too wealthy at heart that they can’t afford to buy themselves some ego.

Poor people are more happy and content in life because they have little to no ego.

Ego and pride are enough to ruin a relationship.

Always give value to relationship over the ego.

Best Ego In Relationships Quotes 2020
Best Ego In Relationships Quotes 2020

best ego in relationships quotes

If you want to identify things by using your soul not by using your ego, then try to do some spiritual practices.

Some people destroy their relationship just because they are not willing put aside their ego.

If, I am apologizing then this doesn’t mean that I am wrong but I am trying to find a way to save the relationship by putting aside my ego.

A relationship never dies a natural death. It is always murdered by ego, attitude and ignorance.

You have no choice. You must leave your ego on the doorstep before you enter love.

Apologizing does not always mean that you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong, it just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

When you know how to apologize about something whether you are correct or incorrect it only means that you value more the relationship that you have with that person. That is why you can set your ego aside.

Do not ever let your ego destroy your relationship with your friends, family or to anyone. Apologizing might be hard to do especially when you know that you are reasonable but it is worth the shot if it can save the relationship.

When someone says sorry to you for their mistakes do not look down on them because it only means that they value their relationship with you and set their ego aside.

Friends, family and other kinds of relationships should and always be greater than your ego because ego will not be able to help you in times of need.