best love status lines for her

The only right thing I have ever done in my life is loving you.

I have forgotten what it feels to be alone. Meeting you has made my heart complete.

You brighten every dark times of my life.

When I open the windows I feel the winds whispering your name in my ears.

All my riches I give you even though I may not quantify it but its all in my heart just for you.

You are one of a kind honey. I always think of you.

Your love❤️ is my inspiration that makes me feel motivated to keep on fighting for you and for our love.

My heart beats ten times faster whenever you are around.

new Romantic Love Status For Her
new Romantic Love Status For Her

Be with someone who will do everything to make you happy.

You deserve every single genuine love❤️ from that special someone. Don’t settle for less.

When it touches your soul and warms your heart unlike any other, don’t let it go.

Love is an immeasurable force which has no length, no depth nor weight.

If someone will ask me what I love ❤️most about my life, my answer will always be –YOU!

Foolish heart, will you ever listen?

Best Love Status Lines For Her
Best Love Status Lines For Her

Love is simple. It’s the people who set hurdles on it.

All I need is to see your sweet smile and I can make it through anything.

If Superman’s weakness is kryptonite, mine is tears falling from your eyes.

Every love story is unique in its own ways but ours is the one I love❤️ the most.

Dear Crush, please don’t crush my little fragile heart.

The moment I wake up, thoughts of you sweep my mind.

I don’t mind waiting as long as I can finally be with you.

Don’t say it when there is not even an ounce of sincerity on it.

There is no limit when it comes to love.❤️

Best Love Status For Her
Best Love Status For Her

I want endless days with you.

I am a busy person but when it comes to you, I will find time just to be with you.

You are the best part of my day.

I am vitamin ‘U’ deficient.

We love the things we love❤️ for what they are.

Within you, I lose myself. Without you, I find myself wanting to be lost again.

You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever.

Romantic Love Status Lines For Her
Romantic Love Status Lines For Her

romantic love status lines for her

I’M In Love With You….And All Your Little Things.

I Never Wish To Be Parted From You From This Day On.

I Wanna Lay On Your Chest & Listen To Your Heart Beat.

You Are My Heart And Soul. I Will Love ❤️You Forever Long.

From The First Day I Saw You. You Had Me, I Was Yours.

insta Love quotes For her
insta Love quotes For her

Every time We Say Good Bye. I Wish We Had One More Kiss !

Come What May…..I Will Love ❤️You…..Until My Dying Day.

With You, I Forget All My Stress. With You, I Feel My Best.

Feels Like Half Of Me Is Missing And I Hate This Feeling :O

Of All The Lies You Told Me, ” I Love❤️ You ” Was My Favorite.

Love❤️ Is Like A Wind, We Can’t See It. But We Can Feel It.

Love Is A Policy, Without Terms And Conditions.

Romantic Love Status For Her
Romantic Love Status For Her

Nothing Is Perfect, But When I’m With You Everything Is Perfect.

When I Dream, I Dream Of You. Maybe One Day, Dreams Will Come True. Because I Really Love ❤️You.

I Can’t Place Anyone Above You But I Can Place Myself Above You, Not To Be A Master But To Be Your Shield And Always Protect You.

Every Love ❤️Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite.

best Romantic Love Status For Her
best Romantic Love Status For Her

There Is A Part Of Me That’s Gonna Be In Love ❤️With You For The Rest Of My Life.

I Realized That No Guy Will Ever Be Right For Me. Not After I Met You.

I will hold your hand if you hold my heart.

Breathing is effortless, but it isn’t as natural or easy as loving you.