short Icebreaker Questions For Youth

Do you have a plan?

Short Icebreaker Questions For Youth
Short Icebreaker Questions For Youth

Do you feel sisterhood with others?

Have you felt pressure from boys?

Can we still have a good life like our parents or grandparents?

Does your success depend on if you have a degree from a university ?

Do you feel pressure to take a certain path in life?

Do you feel like you have all the time in the world to do what you want?

From your childhood, are there experiences that stand out?

Did you have a favorite holiday and why?

Responsible Icebreaker Questions For Youth
Responsible Icebreaker Questions For Youth

Are you responsible for your own life?

Have your friends been good or bad influencers in your life?

Are their times you felt you had to stand up against authority?

Are you anxious to grow up or not?

Can you accept advice or do you need to experience it yourself?

Can you stand up against peer pressure?

Are there any adults that you respect and confide in?

Is home a safe place for you to ask questions?

Do you have opinions that differ from your family?

top Icebreaker Questions for girls

Are you comfortable with meeting new people?

Yourself Icebreaker Questions For Youth
Yourself Icebreaker Questions For Youth

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

Do you find yourself restricted to what society expects of you?

Are you confident when you walk into a room?

Do you have a plan for your future?

Are you able to hold your own in a discussion?

Do you feel peer pressure when it comes to your appearance?

Are there any males in your life that make you feel safe?

Do you feel you can become whatever you want in your life?

Can you envision yourself in the future as a grownup?

Do you feel safe in your daily life?

Can you discuss freely ideas with family or friends?

Do you feel like there are double standards when it comes to rules for boys and girls?

Does your family have certain expectations of you?

Icebreaker Questions for Education

How can a school involve the community?

What does a good education mean to you?

What are the elements of a good education?

Is it true that an educated person less judgemental?

Is homeschooling a valuable way to receive an education?

How could education become more relevant?

How can we revolutionize education for the 21st century and beyond?

What is the point of formal education?

Education Icebreaker Questions For Youth
Education Icebreaker Questions For Youth

What do you think about your country’s education system?

Should philosophy be taught earlier in school to inspire children to question more?

What kind of effects are dire warnings about nationalism, global warming, terrorism, and more having on today’s youth?

How does “knowing too much” benefit or harm you?

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Do you think there are benefits to educating boys and girls in separate schools?

What would you like to see included in the curriculum in high school?

How early would job shadowing be beneficial in the school system?

Should schools change their schedules based upon the research that shows children will benefit?

What foreign languages do you think should be required by the high schools?

How early do students need to choose what route they will follow after high school graduation?

Should education be free for all?

Do you think wearing uniforms in school is beneficial?

What characteristics are important in a teacher?

How much responsibility should parents take for the education of their children?

Should school curriculums include s@x education?

What courses in high schools would you like to be required for a good education?