short top fun questions for a boy

What Is The Best Way To End A Long Day?

If You’re Lost, Do You Ask For Directions?

Do You Believe That What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You?

What’s One Thing You’re Super Passionate About?

Do You Prefer Making Plans Or Following Along With What Someone Else Planned?

Can You Honestly Say You Love What You Do Everyday?

What Are The Top Three Things On Your Bucket List?

Short Top Fun Questions For A Boy
Short Top Fun Questions For A Boy

Who Would You Cast To Play You In The Movie Of Your Life?

What Makes You Smile When You Get Up In The Morning?

What’s One Thing That Defines Who You Are?

If There Was Only One Cookie Left, Would You Give It Up For Me?

As A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

What’s One Thing People Would Never Know About You Just By Looking At You?

What Has Been Your Hardest Physical Challenge?

What Never Fails To Make You Laugh?

What Was Your First Cell Phone?

Where Are Some Unusual Places You’ve Been To?

What’s Something You Really Resent Paying For?

What Is Something That Is Always Worth The Wait?

What Lessons Have You Learned From Your Relationships?

What Are Some Of Your Ideas For How Two People Can Keep A Relationship Strong Over Time?

If I Asked You To Cook Me Dinner, What Would You Make Me?

Who Has Been The Biggest Influence In Your Life?

What’s One Thing About The Opposite Sex That You’re Attracted To?

Would You Date Two Girls On The Same Day?

Jealous Fun Questions For A Boy
Jealous Fun Questions For A Boy

Have You Ever Been Jealous?

What’s One Silly, Little-Kid Item That You Still Have Somewhere Hidden In Your Room?

Have You Ever Farted In An Elevator?

What Do You Automatically Think Of When You Smell Coffee?

Have You Ever Watched Twilight?

Can You Make Pancakes?

random top fun questions for a boy

If There Were Only One Condiment In The World, What Would You Like It To Be?

Where Would You Like To Move?

What’s Is One Thing That You’re Proud Of?

How Many Phones Have You Broken Or Lost?

What’s Your Go-To Alcoholic Drink?

Have You Ever Been To A Palm Reader?

Have You Ever Made A Decision That Changed Your Entire Life? If So, What Was It?

What Fictional Character Do You Relate To The Most?

What Is Your Love Language?

What’s Your Favorite Word?

What Annoys You The Most?

What Unusual Thing Do You Like To Do In Your Time Off?

When Was The Last Time You Used YOLO As An Excuse To Do Something?

Have You Ever Put On Makeup?

What Is Your Grossest Habit?
Do You Own A Suit?

Do You Have A Green Thumb?

What Was The Last Thing You Searched For On Your Phone?

What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Done While Under The Influence Of Alcohol?

What’s One Mistake You Wish You Could Redo?

Are Women Equal To Men?

What Do You Think Is The Biggest Problem In The World Today?

What Goal Do You Think Humanity Is Not Focused Enough On Achieving?

Is There Something That You Would Not Allow Someone To Know About You?

What Are Your Personal Goals?

How Do You Tip?

If You Had To Lose One Of Your Five Senses, Which Would You Give Up And Why?

What Helps You Stay Positive When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong?

What Video Game Do You Wish Life Was More Like?

Did You Enjoy Group Projects As A Student?

How Many Dating Apps Have You Installed?

new fun questions for a boy 2022

How Do You Deal With People In Your Life That You Don’t Like?

Can You Answer Five Questions Using Just Pictures?

How Many Countries Have You Visited?

Would You Ever Break The Law?

Would You Make Breakfast In Bed For A Girl You Fancy?

If You Could Live In Any Fictional World, Which Would You Choose?

Are You Good At Text Flirting Or Face-To-Face Flirting?

Did You Have A Crush On A Teacher In Your School Days?